Effectively managing our royalty portfolio and thoughtfully deploying resulting cashflows to create lasting shareholder value

Innoviva is focused on increasing value by maximizing the potential of our respiratory assets partnered with GSK, optimizing our operations and enhancing capital allocation. We continue to diversify our primary royalty management business through actively pursuing acquisitions of promising companies and assets in the healthcare industry where there is significant unmet medical need, often in undervalued therapeutic areas, such as infectious diseases.

Highly Focused Strategies for Success

We seek to maximize royalty inflows and put the capital to best use, leaving no stone unturned in our search for alpha and impact.  We explore fundamentally sound yet underappreciated areas to identify high-quality yet undervalued assets where we can deploy capital on mutually beneficial yet attractive terms.  We take concentrated positions meaningfully de-risked by deep diligence and ongoing stewardship, with a focus on large stake investments.  We provide requisite resources and guidance to create and sustain meaningful outcomes, and we believe that if we help satisfy an unmet need and make the world a better place, financial benefits will follow.

We are an interdisciplinary, dynamic and decisive team of proven value creators with best-in-class healthcare focused expertise across medicine and R&D, management and operations, investing and finance, governance and strategy – and a network to match.  We listen, learn, collaborate, and stay focused while remaining receptive to new and better ways of creating value.

At Innoviva, we are all in. We are happy to take a seat at the table and roll up our sleeves.  We focus on large stake investments where we leverage our expertise, the time and the will to improve outcomes.  We believe people do their best when interests are aligned, goals and objectives are clearly defined and everyone in the room is there for the right reason — to bring treatments and hope to patients where there is significant unmet medical need.

We take a long-term perspective, are willing to look contrarian and are not swayed by short-term results. We recognize that creating lasting value does not happen overnight. It requires thoughtful discipline. It requires a commitment to see things through. It requires experience and insight. We’ve done it before.

We are passionate about keeping our operations streamlined, while ensuring we have requisite bandwidth to get the job done, as we are committed to putting our capital to work acquiring and building great businesses that bring real value to society and shareholders alike.  We are proud to accomplish more with less.

The Innoviva Advantage

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Strong, diversified and durable cashflows coupled with deep expertise…

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…Enabling long-term thinking and resource deployment…

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…In order to drive impact and create value