Primed for Portfolio Growth

Innoviva is committed to providing long-term value to its investors by maximizing the commercial potential of its partnered pharmaceutical products, exploring additional opportunities of enhancing shareholder value, and reducing its overall corporate cost of capital.

Building Upon Solid Foundations

Innoviva’s portfolio is anchored by its flagship partnership with Glaxo Group Limited (GSK), which include RELVAR®/BREO® ELLIPTA® and ANORO® ELLIPTA®.


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Approved for COPD/Asthma and marketed globally.


Milestone Moments:

RELVAR®/BREO® ELLIPTA® is under review by other regulatory agencies globally.

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Royalty Structure

Innoviva receives royalties on net sales of RELVAR®/BREO® ELLIPTA® of 15% for the first $3.0 billion of annual global net sales and 5% for all annual global net sales above $3.0 billion.

In addition, Innoviva retains a 15% economic interest in future payments made by GSK for earlier-stage programs.